Any project related to the Manufacturing USA Centers within the borders of Massachusetts is welcome to engage in the process outlined below. This process will help inform entiies if the state will support their project with cost share, and help them obtain approval, contracts, and grants. Entities that want to apply for state cost share grants, should engage with M2I2 program leads as early as possible in their project development; ideally, prior to project calls.

Application Process

The application may be filled out and submitted to the Innovation Institute at MassTech on a rolling basis.

Applications will be reviewed at least quarterly.

Complete application here.

Types of Grants

Grants are available for capital purchases only. Capital grants may be used for building improvements, including interior fit-out costs and the purchase of equipment.

In rare occasions, the entity may request small amounts of operating support for the project, but clear justifications will be required.

Eligible Locations

All projects granted through this process must have direct impact within the borders of the Commonwealth. The capital acquired must be installed within the borders of the Commonwealth.

Eligible Applications

Applicants must be eligible to receive project support from a Manufacturing USA Institute. This support generally requires membership in the Institute.

The applicant also must have, or plan to have, operations in Massachusetts.

Additionally, all applicants must be an institution of higher education in Massachusetts or have a partnership with an institution of higher education located in Massachusetts.

Annual Cost Share

The total Cost Share pool for each Manufacturing USA Institute is:

  • AFFOA: $8 Million
  • AIM Photonics: $5.6 Million
  • NextFlex: $4 Million
  • ARM: $1M (FY19 through FY23)

Fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30.

Duration of Contracts

All cost share funds must be drawn within the fiscal year(s) specified in the contract. Contracts may span multiple fiscal years if the equipment purchased spans multiple fiscal years, but this shoudl be specified up front.

Fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30.

Documentation Requirement

The associated Manufacturing USA Institute(s) must provide documentation to Mass Tech EOHED that the grant is approved by the Institute(s) and will be counted against the Commonwealth’s total grant commitment to the Institute(s).


All projects that receive cost share from the M2I2 program must report at least annually on progress and impacts of the project to the state.