The Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)

CAM's Mission: To foster the most complete, most connected, and fastest manufacturing ecosystem from innovation through production.


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing will build on the success of the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Institute Program (M2I2) and increase its impacts on the manufacturing sector by:

  • Aligning investments in manufacturing with the state’s vision;
  • Leveraging existing programs for increased regional impact;
  • Supporting new initiatives from the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative (AMC);
  • Ensuring a deep pipeline for all programs; and
  • Tracking outcomes and efficacy of all programs.

Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative (AMC)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts established the AMC to partner with public and private stakeholders to develop and implement the Commonwealth's manufacturing plan, fostering and strengthening the conditions necessary for growth and innovation in Massachusetts manufacturing. The AMC works closely with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) as the Commonwealth's leadership group for convening industry, academia, and policymakers to promote manufacturing and engage stakeholders on challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

There are three active AMC workgroups that are managed by CAM in conjunction with the AMC co-chairs, which meet on a monthly basis:

  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Business Environment
  • Talent and Branding