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The NextFlex Massachusetts Node

All Node activity and information is considered to be in the public domain including information provided by members. Node membership does not imply or guarantee protection or non-disclosure of confidential information. Please enter inputs as completely as possible in this application, but do not include any confidential information. Those fields with an asterisk (*) indicate a required field to be completed prior to submittal.


Core Capabilities

View the list of definitions for the following core capabilities and select all that apply:

By clicking submit below, you acknowledge the following statements:

  • Members will be receptive to being contacted by other Node members for possible collaboration.

  • Engagement in the Node is defined as attending events whenever possible, and openess to participating and presenting at events.

  • Committment to ensure the Node has visibility within member's organizations, through all management levels, is expected.

  • Node membership is not the same as NextFlex membership and does not convey any rights or privileges regarding NextFlex. Node membership does not imply or provide access to information or events that NextFlex reserves only for NextFlex members.

  • To qualify for Node membership, the entity must have a substantive presence in MA, or credible proof of a plan to have such a presence.

  • Membership is subject to Node Advisory Board approval.