Definitions for Capabilities

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Device Integration & Packaging:

Establish manufacturing methods for preparation, placing and interconnecting circuit components onto flexible substrates for the fabrication of fully flexible electronic circuits; as well as, onto and within conformal non-planar rigid structures.     


The substances from which FHE devices are fabricated, organized by functional taxonomy as (1) substrates, (2) actives, (3) passive conductors, and (4) passive insulators. Other device functions include adhesives and encapsulants. The relation of material selection, processing, and properties is included.

Modeling and Design:

Computational methods and tools for flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) product design and analysis, including but not limited to electrical design, manufacturing process modeling, reliability modeling, multi-physics modeling, and material database integration. Simulation software or computer-aided design (CAD) tools to support the FHE modeling and design needs are related.

Printed Flexible Components and Microfluidics:

FHE components and fabrication processes to create functional and passive components of FHE devices, including (1) ink & material contribution, (2) printing (including direct writing) and (3) microfluidics fabrication processes.

Standards, Test, and Reliability:

Manufacturing and device standards, test methods, guidelines and qualification programs for FHE.