Massachusetts was awarded a $3.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense's  Manufacturing Technology Program (DoD ManTech) for a manufacturing technician training program that will serve as a national model. 

The goal of the MassBridge project is to develop and test a well-connected, state-based training and career pathway model - a “Bridge” for technicians that spans the gaps between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ state-wide advanced manufacturing programs and the needs of the Manufacturing USA Institutes. The curriculum will be deployed through vocational programs, high schools, community colleges, and supporting universities, with specific connectivity that pulls students towards careers in Manufacturing USA technologies. The ‘Bridge’ program will also boost training opportunities for technicians and better meet the workforce needs of employers. The program’s key deliverable is an integrated statewide program that will be developed in three phases, from prototyping to statewide deployment, which will provide a stackable set of training programs that will create pathways from existing technician training programs to the skillsets required by Manufacturing USA technologies. The goal will be to develop a model that can be replicated nationally. 


MassBridge Strategy Diagram