In the News: Mass. manufacturers undergo a high-tech transformation

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Boston Globe

"BRAINTREE — Symmons Industries, a 79-year-old plumbing manufacturer, still makes the part that started it all: a shower valve that prevents scalding when a toilet is flushed, invented by the chief executive’s grandfather.

"But after decades in the hardware business, the family-owned company is making a big bet on the digital world, working on a water management system for commercial buildings that can detect a problem, and send out an alert via smartphone, within seconds.

"Symmons and other local manufacturers are using technology — from robots on the factory floor to computing in the cloud — to develop new products and streamline their production lines.

"....Nationwide, Massachusetts is the fourth-largest producer of miscellaneous manufactured products, which includes medical devices, and of electronics and computers — and has held steady as one of the country’s top producers of these products for decades.

"The Baker administration has signaled its support by committing more than $100 million in funding for the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative, which awards grants to develop cutting-edge manufacturing technology...."

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